You Can't Handle the Truth: Honest Reviews of New Movies
Ever wonder if you should see that new movie or not? Well, every week we bring you reviews of movies, recorded immediately after seeing an advance screening. This takes all the critical distance out of the equation and just tells you our thoughts before we even get home. Hosted by Sean Collier (WDVE, Pittsburgh Magazine) & Aaron Kleiber (Actor/Comedian) with frequent special guests.

Jim Krenn is bringing his comedy to the podcast world in the new Jim Krenn: No Restrictions. Find out what happens when you take the restraints off a comic radio personality that’s always been asked to deliver within the rules. Each podcast will feature special guests and the occasional live audience, making it not just a show but a party – one you won’t want to miss! The weekly podcast’s main players will include John Evans, Terry Jones and Mike Wysocki – stay tuned!
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Add It Up with your Best Friend Addi
"Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi! In case you don’t get enough of my opinions already, this is a great opportunity to hear me let loose with a variety of brilliant, quirky guests. Very little is off limits."
Addi Twigg loves few things more than the place she calls home, Pittsburgh, PA. If you aren’t impressed by the view of the city from her back porch, she will cut you. She maintains a day job with an evil insurance company to balance out the fact that she was recently sainted. Her final miracle was teaching your mom how to stop calling all the time and just send a damn text for once. Addi is a notoriously loud laugher and a renown vocalist in the car, the shower, and her own mind. More of Addi’s fluff can be found on additwigg.com, baitandswitchmusic.com, and Twitter.
Visit AddiTwigg.com for PODCAST and more.

Does This Hold Up PODCAST
“Does This Hold Up”, a comedy podcast where hosts, Jamie and TJ, dive into the archives of old movies. No, we aren’t talking about the boring black and white films that your parents raved about. We are talking about the VHS tapes that you love and remember as a kid. Remember those movies that we all thought were years ahead of their time? Every week TJ and Jaime pick a film from their past, analyze it, and tear it to shreds. Only then, will the age old question be answered: Does This Hold up? In addition to the weekly podcast, “Does This Hold Up” performs in front of a live studio audience at the Arcade Comedy Theater with special guest performances, prize give outs, and audience participation. Give it a listen, and figure out if those movies still hold up today.

Writing On The Floor with Zach Simons
Writing On The Floor (previously The Steel City Podcast) is a show dedicated to exploring interesting people and their stories. Interviewing with artists, comedians, musicians and more Zach asks for stories of where people began, how they approach their work and why they do what they do. 

SpitChokenPuke with SCOTT PAULSEN
He's been a staple of Pittsburgh radio for over 20 years; WDVE, ESPN & more.
"I walk through most days in a standing eight count. But suddenly, without warning, in the midst of a seemingly comatose moment, I will burst into laughter. I try to capture the things that make me laugh out loud in those moments, while standing near my grocer’s freezer, and record some facsimile of them. That’s what you hear in these podcasts. I hope you like them and they make you laugh. Rest assured, however, that on my best day behind a microphone I still can’t come close to reproducing what is in my head. Enjoy!"

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