Monday, April 21, 2014

Send in the Clowns BY MIKE BUZZELLI

Author and Comedian, Mike Buzzelli
I know a lot of people with coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Oddly enough, it comes from two ancient Greek words. Obviously, phobia is fear, but the coulro part comes from an ancient Greek word that means “stilt-walker.” I guess in ancient Greece, stilt-walkers were the closest things they had to clowns. Though there are references to buffoonish people in all of those great Greek plays. Aristophanes wrote about people behaving clownishly. But it turns out the word clown doesn’t come from the Greeks.

It comes from a Swedish word that means clumsy. Technically, that makes me a clown. I admit that my shoes are freakishly large, but I wear a lot less makeup. Last week, my friend Lonnie picked me up in her Smart Car. I must have looked like I was going off to Clown College while riding in it. P.S. When you ride in a Smart Car, people stare, point and laugh. I should be used to people staring, pointing and laughing. I have made a career standing in front of people making them laugh. There isn’t much pointing because everyone is already looking in my direction.

In England, in the Manchester Evening News, it was reported that the local police handled 19 cases of “clown-related” crimes in the area. The offenses ranged from peeking in windows to assault and battery.
The European director of the World Clown Association complained, “Too many stupid people are damaging the reputation of the clowning profession.”

A. There’s a World Clown Association. Who knew?!?
B. They think they have a reputation to uphold. Wow. They could not be more mistaken.
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