Monday, February 10, 2014

Arguments & Grievances LIVE COMEDY DEBATES Coming to Pittsburgh Feb. 22

Nothing to Cry About Tour featuring Arguments & Grievances Comedy Debates (RSVP on Facebook)

With Zach Peterson, Sam Norton, Kevin White, Jason Earl Folks, John Dick Winters, Shannon Norman, and James J. Hamilton

Saturday, February 22, 2014 (8 p.m.)
Corner Cafe, 2500 S. 18th St. (South Side Slopes)

Arguments and Grievances is a Chicago-based live comedy series and podcast featuring comedians debating outlandish topics with audiences choosing the victors. Half comedy show, half rhetorical fight to the death, it's an outrageous enterprise exploring the heated issues of the day, such as: "Hugs vs. Drugs," "Dr. Dre vs. Dr. Seuss," and "Batman vs. Spiderman." You can check out this awesome podcast free on iTunes.

Currently touring the nation, Arguments and Grievances is coming to the Corner Cafe in Pittsburgh on Saturday, February 22. The debates will feature the Chicago-based creators of the show going up against the best Pittsburgh has to offer. Sam Norton will go toe-to-toe with Pittsburgh's own John Dick Winters on the subject of "Moon vs. Sun," while Kevin White will clash with Pittsburgh's own Shannon Norman on "Carmen Sandiego vs. Waldo." For extra flavor, Jason Earl Folks and James J. Hamilton will be sprinkling in some savory stand-up. Zach Peterson is hosting.

You do not want to miss this unique comedy experience!

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