Thursday, March 28, 2013

Improv Workshop this Saturday with Paul Grondy

Arcade Comedy Theater is excited to announce our first improv workshop, which will be held Saturday March 30from 4:00pm-7:00pm. It’s being taught by Chicago improvisor Paul Grondy, who has trained at The Second City and under Del Close at iO (back when it was called ImprovOlympic). Paul has been teaching improv since 1997, and his experience, humor, and insight are things any improvisor could learn from.

"Commit to Character and Discover Comedy"
If you stress about making your improv scenes funny, or discover you exist in a state of panic during scene work, you might be placing “funny” at too high a priority.
Change your priority list, and put committed character portrayal at the top. Use your natural charm and real life experiences to develop a real person in your scene, that is accessible and recognizable to your audience. You love acting, I love acting. Just because it’s improv doesn’t mean you stop acting. Once the audience believes your are who you say you are, then they will laugh at all that funny stuff you come up with.
Space for this workshop is limited so sign up soon! Registration is $50. Everyone who comes to the workshop is also welcome to stay for the 8pm show, which features an improv set by Paul Grondy, Sue Silvi and stand-up with Bess Boughan.

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