Saturday, January 12, 2013

Improv Comedy with SHEET CAKE at the Pittbsurgh Improv: January 30, 2013

Improv with Sheet Cake
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Improv with Sheet Cake
Wed, Jan 30 @ 8PM
Sheetcake is a Improv Comedy collective started by Sara Micnowski of the late Long Form Comedy Troupe The Leaky Basement that perfomed at the Steel City Improv Theater. Sheetcake is an mixture of Short-form Improv(created by Neva Boyd and Viola Spolin) and Long Form Improv (a child of Short-Form Improv that started with TheCompass Players on with The Second City...perfected by Del Close andiO(Improvisation Olympics)
  In the late 90's there came a show that bootleged the games of Short Form and created a show with Drew Carrey and others....while at the same time a boom of sorts was happening with Long Form in NYC and L.A with growth of the iO,UCB and wonderous Second City.
    With this rush of DIY and "FROM THE TOP OF YOUR INTELLEGENCE" ethics and the spirit of COMEDIA DEL'ARTE...there is a new breath of fresh air blooming in good ole 'burgh...between the CELLAR DWELLERS, THURSDAY NIGHTIMPROV, STEEL CITY IMPROV and now with the mighty, brilliant, hilarious, irreverent collection of Sara, Pete, Zack, Jasmine, Derek, Pete, Donad...the world of comedia may never be the same again!
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