Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MESSAGE in the MADNESS: One Man Show with RON PLACONE; premiering JUNE 23, 2012


“How is a profit-driven mass media affecting democracy--and what can we do about it?”
Madness in the Message, a provocative multimedia performance of media criticism and comedy
featuring local rising comedian Ron Placone, will be running once a month from June through
September 2012 at the Steel City Improv Theater on Pittsburgh’s Northside.
Describing the show “as The Daily Show meets the BBC series How TV Ruined Your Life with an academic
edge,” Ron promises a tour through a contemporary media landscape where advertisers, owners and
special interest groups come first and the general public comes dead last.
Madness in the Message: Start Talking describes the fractured relationship between commercial
media and democracy the only way you can while staying sane—through humor. Ron’s performance
piece includes case studies, video footage, interviews, sketches and a call-to-action that will resonate
regardless of whether you’re ready to Occupy Mellon Square or throw a Tea Party in the Mon.
After its 4-month run, Ron hopes to take his show to campuses and organizations nationally and
Ron Placone is a nationally-touring comedian, academic and writer. He recently finished his master’s
degree in Rhetoric & Philosophy at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Ron’s podcast, Thoughts,
Rants & Cold Coffee is currently in rotation on New Dissident Radio in Los Angeles, WCDB in Albany,
NY, and OSS Radio Network in Lansing, MI. His writing appears regularly in the Huffington Post Union
of Bloggers and Pardon the Pundit. His academic writing has appeared in the Journal of Contemporary
Madness in the Message will run 8pm on Saturday June 23, Saturday July 21, Saturday August 25 and
Saturday September 22. All shows will be held at the Steel City Improv Theater
WHERE: Steel City Improv Theater, 808 Tripoli Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 322-1000
WHEN: June 23, July 21, August 25, September 22, 8pm.
HOW MUCH: $5 at the door
FOR MORE INFO: visit www.ronplacone.com
For interviews, quotes or more information please contact: Ron Placone, 412-913-0876,

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