Thursday, April 26, 2012

Long Time No See BY Matt Light

Hey everyone, Long time no see...
I'm sure nobody is even reading this at this point but whatever. Recently, I had deleted facebook and twitter, trying to take a break from the social networking sites. I just was annoyed with the majority peoples posts, so instead if individually singling people out and deleted them i decided to just get rid of it in general. Also i was seeing a lot of comics posting shows and things that they were doing, and recently with my new job and now with no car currently, i haven't had time to get out to any open mics or do any shows so it was hard to see everyone doing things while im sitting at work getting told to go fuck myself from people who don't know how to manage a check book. So i felt like it was only right to make a matt light delete a person a week for myself
1. You are 5'5 and are built like Danny Devito, sorry pal, no one looks cool walking on their tip toes with a latin woman sized ass...
2.  You consider yourself a comedian, OH yeah? When's the last REAL show you have done, how many open mics have you done recently? Have you ever opened up for a national headliner? Yeah, Man Matt Light comic of the year! Vote for him at pittsburgh magazines best of the burgh, he really deserves it.
3. Nice catapillar eyebrows.

What i'm up to- Recently I did a "show" for a "magazine".... The magazine is called Smokescreen, it is like Playboy, minus the attractive feature in women and without nude. The magazine isn't in paper form so i couldn't get a copy of it to brag to the world that I was in a magazine that is most likely being used to fill up glory holes at local gentlemens clubs. So this magazine is "digital only" I would compare it to like a National Geographic with more aids,obviously no one looks at it if you have the option of free porn, or local Pittsburgh 5's who would be national 2's. I usually wouldn't talk shit on something but this place rubbed me the wrong way.
This summer i'm going to be making a lot of videos and putting them on youtube and hopefully they get on, right now im wrapping up one, I don't want to give anything away.. not that there is anything. but heres a screenshot of it.

As far as upcoming shows- I have some shows in May and June set up with Amy Capiross, one of them is a benefit for a kid in june, so its always nice to do one of those things, not to mention you tend to get a larger crowd, when you have those types of things, I have since then changed my work schedule and now am working daylight so there's no excuse not to be writing and finally hitting up mics...If any comedian reads this, text me so i have ur number, I lost all of my contacts.

Go bucs

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