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Madness in the Message: New One-Man Show by RON PLACONE

Ron Placone - My Travels

madness in the message: what 2012 will bring...?


As some of you may or may not have noticed I have had several status updates regarding filming and a project I've referred to as Madness in the Message. Perhaps you're wondering, what is Madness in the Message? Is Ron making a movie? Is this some kind of Twitter trend? When's this dude going to just get a normal job? The answer to the above questions are no, no, and hopefully never, way to be a downer hypothetical internet critic I just made up.

Madness in the Message: Start Talking is my one-man show that I'm currently developing. The show combines media criticism with comedy and will include interviews, video sketches, spoken-word, activism and even a little bit of music. All packaged nicely into an hour. I do not want to give too much away as we are still taping and working on different segments but as of right now the show will include everything from conversations about the Telecommunications Act of 1996, to video sketches about a fake city known as Monopoly Metropolis which is ruled by a Mayor and a Journalist, to a first-hand account of the media ecology during the recent revolution in Egypt. The way I like to describe it to people is that it's part documentary, part Daily Show, part How TV Ruined Your Life, with a bit of an academic edge.

The show will premier in Pittsburgh at the Steel City Improv Theater on the Northside. If you've never been I highly recommend it, it's a great place putting on some wonderful productions and a huge asset to the improv and theater community here. I will be doing this once a month for four months beginning in June. The dates are June 23, July 21, August 25 and September 22. All are Saturday nights. All start at 8pm. In the fall of 2012, after some of the summer theater shows are over, I hope to take this show to college campuses anywhere and everywhere.

Obviously, I would greatly, greatly appreciate some support in this endeavor. First, I would love to see anybody who can make it at one of these shows. I know alot of my friends and colleagues do not live in Pittsburgh, but if you were ever considering a visit, one of these shows would be a perfect time to do it. For those that do live in the area, hopefully one of these dates will fit your schedule. Second, I will be completely revamping my web-presence over the next few months. I'll still be doing all the same things, expect regular pieces to be put out there and TR&CC will remain the same, I'll just have a new and improved website that will include extensive information about this new show. That being said I will be making a Facebook page for Madness in the Message. I am asking that you please consider joining once the page is launched. I don't really like to do these types of things, I do not have a fan page for the sole reason that I do not want to bother people about "liking" my page or anything of that nature. I'd rather see people come out to the shows or check out a humor piece or a podcast or video. But, the reality of the situation is if I want to launch a successful one-man show in the college market the show needs a Facebook page, just the way it is. I will keep it maintained and updated and I will also likely sit by the computer screen over a cold cup of coffee wishing I had more "Fans." So please, join the page, my girlfriend and cats will thank you for it. For those with ties in academia that may be of help bringing me in, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm building this thing from the ground-floor up, as of now I have no agent, no financial backing, etc. I'll need to utilize any and all help I can get at getting those first bookings so hopefully agencies will take notice.

That being said, I"m thrilled about this endeavor, it took me my entire graduate school career to finally solidify this idea and start creating something tangible, and I can't wait to perform the finished product. I have been fortunate enough to find people in both the comedy and film communities that are willing to loan me their acting, web-designing and filming talents for nothing in return other than being a part of the project and the occasional slice of pizza or beer. I'm also lucky that the department at Duquesne has supported me in this endeavor and allowed me to dedicate time in my final semester to conduct an independent study dedicated to this project. A toast to June!


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