Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fight of the Week SUPER BOWL EDITION: Elton John VS. Madonna

It’s Super Bowl time.
Of course, you know you friends at Fight of the Week will not simply put team-against-team. That would be too boring. Instead, this fight comes as referenced by Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show.

On Tuesday’s show, the crew got into a discussion of Madonna’s Halftime Duty coming up this Sunday. They mentioned that she would be lip synching and that a friend of hers, one Mr. Elton John, took issue with this (as do I on a personal level). They suggested that this recently sparked celebrity feud be settled with an all-out brawl at Halftime of the Big Game rather than what is sure to be an insanely lackluster performance from one of America’s favorite old ladies.
The crew suggested that they fight over a sequined vest. Very well, we can make that happen, too. However, this sequined vest will not be just any sequined vest. This sequined vest will be suspended from the interior of a Hell in a Cell cage and will represent a title. The match doesn’t end until one of them can successfully set up a ladder and retrieve the vest. No pinfalls, no count-outs, no holds barred, no disqualifications.
On behalf of the boys (and Val) at DVE, Fight of the Week presents the following Super Bowl Halftime Extravaganza. Two of the biggest self-proclaimed bitches in the music business, one-on-one, Hell in a Cell at the 50 Yard Line in Indianapolis in what will be a spectacle to outshine even the much-lauded Pats/Giants rematch in progress at the time!

For the title of Biggest Bitch in Entertainment... Who would win in a fight?

The biggest SuperBowl Bitch: Who would win in a fight?
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