Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fight of the Week Presidents' Day Special: Washington vs. Lincoln

Because we here at Fight of the Week don’t buy into the hype of Valentine’s Day, we will not be doing a Valentine’s Day special.
Believe me, we could have gone gooshy and done something dumb like pit celebrity couples against each other, but there aren't really any beefs to settle. We could have also put husband vs. wife or boyfriend vs. girlfriend, but we sort of leave that thing to Chris Brown and his ilk unless there's something seriously wrong with a couple. We could have even seized on the too-soon-yet-too-obvious Whitney Houston vs. Anyone joke, but we're classier than that. Though, personally, I would have done a Grammy special with Whitney Houston vs. Adele, which would have probably been a blow out, but again: too soon, too obvious, too lame. In other words, maybe next week.
Instead, we will be celebrating one of the less appreciated holidays in the month of February. One that might not be as recognized as Valentine’s, but warrants a day off for banks and most government agencies: President’s Day.
Rather than go ultra-political and use modern-day combatants, I figured we should go back to the root of the holiday and throw into the ring the two Presidents for whom this holiday was made. Two of the most recognizable figures in American history will square off this week in our President’s Day Special.

George “Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all” Washington vs. Abraham “The Great Emancipator” Lincoln

No lead up this week, just toss these two badasses into the ring and turn them loose.
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Fight of the Week is written by Justin Bidula

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