Thursday, February 9, 2012

FIGHT of the WEEK: Batman VS. James Bond

A lone man is perched on the top of a building. Rain cascades from the sky and lightning offers the occasional strobe of light in the dark night of the city.
He peers through binoculars at a foreign consulate in the Diamond District of Gotham City. Some rogue nationals have come here posing as bodyguards to an ambassador on a standard diplomatic mission. He knows that what they are truly here for is to cut a deal with a crime lord known as The Penguin to smuggle illegal arms back to their home country to aid in their planned revolution.

“Who are you?” says a gruff voice from behind him.
The man casually turns and looks over his shoulder. The voice came from the shadows, as if from nowhere.
“One might ask the invisible man the same question,” says the man in an impeccable British accent, “I’ve heard of you, you know. Many contacts in MI-6 have been through here. They’ve told me of the so-called ‘Batman’. We hear you’re one of the good guys. My name is Bond, James Bond.”
A few moments of silence go by.
“You’re not on the books with MI-6, Bond,” says Batman, “Who are you?”
“If I were on the books,” Bond says, “Then I wouldn’t be much of a secret agent, now would I? Tell your computer man they’re going to have to dig pretty deep if they want any intel on me.”
“What are you doing here?” Batman asks, still not revealing himself.
“Right now?” Bond says, “Wasting my time talking to shadows when I should be watching my marks.”
“Tell me what’s going on here,” Batman says.
“Sorry, chap,” says Bond, “Top secret and all that. Just because you’re some kind of masked vigilante doesn’t mean you’re entitled to any information.”
“Tell me what’s going on here,” Batman repeats, “Or I’ll break your ribs.”
Bond sighs, puts down his binoculars and turns toward the shadows behind him. Lightning flashes revealing Batman as he walks toward Bond.
“If you want to do things the hard way,” Bond says, “I’ve no problem.”

This one will be epic.

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Fight of the Week is written by Justin Bidula

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