Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fight of the Week RESULTS: Tenacious D vs. Flight of the Conchords

Good voting turnout this week, folks! Now, if we could just get you to comment down below with your reasoning, life would be perfect! I understand, it’s easier to drop a nameless form in a ballot box than it is to tag any sort of name to an opinion, but hey, this is the internet, and there are such things as pseudonyms and screen names. Just don’t use the same one you use everywhere else and you shall remain anonymous.

The Bullet Points

-Cults. Both of these bands have a cult following and have been in the cultish scene, both in the comedic and muscal sense, since their inception. Tenacious D has had slightly more mainstream success with two full-on radio singles and a movie to their name. The Conchords, though remaining mostly underground, are much bigger overseas and, in addition to their show on HBO, have had a BBC Radio show. That may not mean much to those of us here in the states, but trust me, that’s HUGE. I believe that the Cult of the D may have been waning in the face of a long-delayed third album and that the Cult of the Conchords remains hot thanks to HBOs consistent replaying of their half-hour show. The D may have benefitted from HBO’s lack of midday programming back when Mr. Show was still hot, but now, I believe this one goes to the Conchords.

-Backing. Two dudes with acoustic guitars. Both groups are even on this aspect. The D gets the upper hand here as they bill themselves as a rock act. The Conchords are a folk act and, as such, can tour and record with relatively low production. The rock of the D, however, is not just the two dudes with acoustic guitars. Though JB and KG form the core of the group, when the D records and tours, they do so hard. Dave Grohl, in addition to playing The Devil in Pick of Destiny, is also the band’s official session drummer and has worked with them on tour. Not to mention the inclusion of some other fair names from the industry too numerous (and, honestly, not popular enough) to mention here. Strength comes in numbers and, since this fight is about band vs. band, not man vs. man, Grohl (and others) would have the right to step into the ring with his boys to kick some Conchord ass.
-Body of work. The D has been suffering due to lack of spotlight. They’ve performed in some places but they haven’t released anything new since Pick of Destiny and that was attached to a movie. Though they have ambiguous plans for a third entry with a tentative release in 2012, The Conchords have been sticking to it and trying to stay on top of their public image. Jack Black, though definitely a B-lister in the sense of any real movie weight, has too much going on with his acting career to fully commit to anything with The D in a truly long-term sense (read: he was too busy making the turd that was Gulliver’s Travels among other things to actually concentrate on the music). The Conchords started out as the Conchords and, though they may get acting roles here and there, their main focus is still the band and where it’s going. They’ve got four albums, a BBC show, and two seasons on HBO to counter The D’s movie, three solo episodes, multiple guest appearances, and two measly albums. I think The Conchords remain committed to their body of work while Tenacious D remains a “when we can…” sort of thing.
-Straight up fisticuffs. This is a tough call. JB and KG are probably no strangers to a fight and outweigh their opponents handily. I don’t think they’re going to be able to pull too much over on the Conchords. Bret and Jemanie are from New Zealand and were either formally taught how to brawl or discovered it on their own at some point. I mean, look at them. They’re lanky-ass nerds. They had to have been in a scrap or two. Same goes for Jack and Kyle, except they’re fat nerds. I dunno, kinda even here. Let’s move on to more important criteria.
-Fictional Lives. So, the Conchords wander aimlessly around NYC performing gigs in dive bars while their manager (if you can really call him that) continues to implode every potential opportunity with which they may (or may not) be presented. The D, on the other hand, breaks into a Rock Museum to steal a guitar pick made from the tooth of the devil and, although they are beaten in the Devil’s Rock-Off Challenge, they still ultimately defeat him and claim his horn as The Bong of Destiny, among other adventures. Definitely think the D wins out big in this category.
The Results
Debate Winner: Draw

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Fight of the Week is written by Justin Bidula

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