Thursday, January 26, 2012

FIGHT of the WEEK: Donut vs. Cupcake

Here at Fight of the Week, we strive to give you only the best in fictional and less-than-fictional combat scenarios to contemplate and spark debate among you and your closest friends.
Sometimes, though, I get the craziest ideas, and I have to run with them because I think they would be extremely entertaining.
In an attempt to take a break from the ordinary and step into the surreal, I present to you this particular battle which I’ve, strangely, had in mind since the beginning of the Fight of the Week. One which, as always, will surely be devastating and test loyalties. This one, I think, more than any other fight will surely test loyalties, though.

No set up, no skinny, just a straight up fight. Figure in a neutral playing field as you attempt to wrap your mind around…
Donuts vs. Cupcakes!!!

A few rules:
1. This a fight, not a popularity contest. Think of these two competitors in whichever manner you want, but they are fighting. To the death. Last crumb standing. This is not about which one goes better in your belly, this is about which one could take the other, fist-to-fist.
2. No outside interference from other baked goods or foodstuffs. Some people have suggested that, in this fight, cookies (for example) would interfere with both competitors and win the match. Much like the WWE, this match is booked and any outsiders cannot win. There will be no disqualifications, but there will also be no outside interference. I’m looking at you, Donut Holes.
3. Yes, I am being totally serious. Try to imagine cupcakes and donuts actually fighting. Any type of either, commercial or homemade, maybe a combination of both. Maybe think of it less as one-on-one and more like a full-scale war with many types of each on other side. This is an all-out battle to the finish and, in order to justify a winner, I’m going to need some very creative comments. So, think about it, and give me a good honest opinion.

Which cuisine will reign supreme?
Who would win in a fight?
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