Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Snowman in Bethlehem BY Mike Buzzelli

I believe that in your yard, in a house that you own, you should be able to do whatever you want.
My brother lived in a planned community once. One summer, he went on vacation, and when he returned, he had a ticket from the community leaders stating that his grass was too high. I don't agree with that, especially since he went away for a week.
Besides, it was only ankle-high. When you can lose a toddler in the thicket, that's a different story.
Around the holidays, however, I have a problem with some particular Christmas displays. I believe that anyone may worship as he or she sees fit. It's just occasionally I will see a snowman hanging out with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I am not a very religious person, but I believe that Frosty does not belong at the manger. I am pretty sure it's too hot in Bethlehem for a magical snowman. Plus, stovepipe hats and corncob pipes weren't invented for another millennium (give or take a couple of hundred years).I'm not very traditional, but the manger mash-ups disturb me.
One time, I saw Mickey, Donald and Goofy standing in for the Three Kings. That's just whacky! You just know Mickey had the gold. I'd imagine Goofy got stuck with myrrh.

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Mike Buzzelli has performed his standup routine at places on the Left Coast like The Comedy Store and The Ice House, before relocating to Western Pennsylvania. And he has plenty of writing experience, to boot.

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