Thursday, December 8, 2011

'I Wanna Have Your Baby' (VIDEO) BY Christine Nangle of SNL

Follow Dolores Santangeli, surrogate mother for hire, as she uses her abnormally strong reproductive system to make babies for those who can't make their own.
Written by and Starring: Christine Nangle (Writer, Saturday Night Live)

 A new episode will be featured each week on as part of Web-Series Wednesday AND can also be seen on

"I wrote the sketch as a commercial a couple years ago at UCB," Christine said (she's talking about New York's Upright Citizens Brigade comedy theater). "It was funny to me that a surrogate would have a commercial boasting about her physical attributes. Especially since you can only do roughly one baby a year." - Read More at

Christine got started in Pittsburgh performing with the comedy group, Hustlebot, as well as with the group, The Cellar Dwellers and as a frequent performer at Friday Nite Improvs at the University of Pittsburgh.
Christine Nangle is currently a staff writer for "Saturday Night Live."

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