Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday FIGHT of the WEEK: Fatal 4-Way TOY-MAGGEDON!!!

In celebration of the season, we’re going to be throwing out a few holiday curve balls. The next three weeks will be Holiday related fights. Starting with this one right here.

As an early Christmas present to all you boys and girls, we proudly present the FotW Fatal Four-Way Toymaggedon!

Four toys enter. One toy leaves.

Four of the biggest Christmas toys in the history of the modern commercial Holiday Season will battle each other right here for your amusement.

In the peach corner, a Cabbage Patch Kid!

In the blue corner, a Blue Power Ranger Action Figure!

In the patchy-brown-and-white corner, Furby!

And lastly, in the fuzzy-and-red corner, Tickle-Me Elmo!

This fight is to the death and is no-holds-barred. Anything can happen! How’s it going to go? Lead pipes and shanks? Outside interference? Have these toys grown bitter and murderously jealous since their fall from popularity? Lay it all out there in the comments and remember - four toys enter, ONE TOY LEAVES!!!

Give us some creative comments down below, people, as an early Christmas to your faithful FotW narrator. And, of course, answer the question...

Who would win the TOY-MAGGEDON!?
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Fight of the Week is written by Justin Bidula

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