Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FIGHT of the WEEK Holiday Special PArt 3: New Years' Rumblin' Eve

This is the last of our Holiday Specials -
Part 3: New Year’s Rumblin’ Eve.
After this, we’re back to business as usual. Remember, folks, that we’re always taking suggestions for either individual combatants or full out fights you’d like to see perpetrated right here in this very ring.
As this is the last fight to be posted for 2011, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading and voting for making this first few months successful.
It’s time.
Who would win in a fight?
The Skinny

In my mind, there has always been only one way to ring in the New Year. I’ve done it just about every year within my memory, no matter where I was or what condition I was in.

To me, the perfect New Year begins with Dick Clark.

Yeah, sounds dumb, but tradition is tradition. I’ve always tuned in to watch the ball drop in Times Square, even if I was five or six sheets to the wind. Even if I was in a place without cable television, I still managed to tune in on rabbit ears. I’ve always forced whatever crowd I’ve been with to do it. I’m sure that I am annoying in that manner, but counting down with Dick Clark has always been my definitive New Year’s tradition, along with drinking and singing “And Words” (some of you know what I’m talking about).
Until his stroke, he always flew solo. Now, they’ve enlisted Ryan Seacrest to take over which basically means they'll wheel Dick out at the end until he completely disintegrates. Every year since the stroke, Dick’s been a trooper, taking over the most important 5 -10 minutes of the broadcast, counting the clock down to zero, and welcoming in the New Year as he’s always done, by kissing his wife who is always waiting in the wings.

I’ve got nothing but respect for the man. Coming out every year and keeping up a tradition, even after having a horrifying medical malady, is probably the most respectable thing he can do.

For this fight, let’s turn back the clock on Dick. Let’s give him his life back as it was before the stroke and bring him back to an age closer to his competitor.

That’s right, Fight Fans, this battle is for control of New Year’s Eve.

If Seacrest is going to take over, I feel that Dick Clark is owed a fighting chance to keep his throne. Nothing like a no-holds barred deathmatch to figure out who should get the job, right?

For the title of King of New Year’s Eve, we ask everyone’s favorite question. Remember, also, that this is a younger, more virile Dick Clark than the one we currently see once a year. I’m talking, like, Bandstand-era Dick Clark. Just to give him a fighting chance.

So, then, for the last time this year...

Who would win in a fight?
Fight of the Week is written by Justin Bidula

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