Saturday, December 31, 2011

The BEST OF in 2011

We had lots of great posts on this year - staples like the mini podcast 'Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee' by Ron Placone, hilarious commentaries by Jeff Konkle - and new stuff like 'Fight of the Week' by Justin Bidula. We've also had some great content forwarded over from the WDVE Morning Show and We also can't forget PIttsburgh's best comedy podcast - Derek Minto's 'Haters for Hire' podcast.

We had some other posts really take off as people searched for comedy in the 'Burgh - people found their way to searching for big comedy shows this year like - Louis C.K., Ralphie May, Billy Gardell & Amy Schmur (seriously, like 1000+ searches for 'Amy Schumer Pittsburgh' - do people really want Amy Schumer here that bad? I'll let her know).

Anywho - in case you missed them...

Here are the top posts of the year -

4) Charlie Sheen 'Winning' Song - Best of WDVE Morning Show 

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