Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fight of the Week: Mike Lange vs. Myron Cope

Welcome one and all to the Fight of the Week!
A new weekly feature, every Wednesday @ 10am, which pits pop-culture icons against each other in the most brutal arena known to man - Fandom. Your votes decide the outcome! Remember always that this is not a popularity contest, this is a true fight, and your opinions should be based as such - it's not about who you like more it's about who will kick who's ass. We'll give you the lowdown, you let us know what you think. Enjoy and let's get it on!!!

Okay, Pittsburghers, this one is sure to put your mind and your loyalties to the test.

For those of you who are new to the FotW (I used to post these things on my blog all the time), the format for the lead up is a bit different than normal.
See, there’s a club which is known throughout the deepest circles of the underworld of the Cult of Personality. Anyone who is anyone is a member. It is known as the Hollywood Underground Deathmatch Society.

Usually, the matches we talk about take place in the actual Hollywood branch. The members of this club are so brutal and unforgiving that not even the most barrel-bottom tabloids dare speak of the matches which take place within those hallowed halls. It’s only by the grace of a connection within the inner circle that we here at FotW Central have access to their archives. We’re usually used as a preface to the fight in order for odds to be set based on public opinion.

We offer no fictional lead-in to these types of fights. Real people are going to fight in a ring, bare-knuckle, no-holds-barred.

The HUDS is not limited to the boundaries of Hollywood, either. Hollywood is used in the name not just because that is where the Society was founded but because “Hollywood” itself indicates fame and celebrity. There are local branches in every major city which deal with local celebrity brawls as well as serving as a setting for a fight when certain actors are on set in certain places or when they might be travelling, that sort of thing. Trust me, HUDS is well funded enough to make that kind of thing happen.

This ridiculous amount of money comes from sources unknown (though some say Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both contributed heavily after their first in-ring match up) as does the technology involved. Recently, HUDS was gifted with a time machine; a way to settle older disputes in a modern setting.

For this fight, a bit of time travel was necessary.

This particular bout took place within the Pittsburgh branch of HUDS to settle one of the ultimate questions in Pittsburgh sports. Both fighters were taken in their prime and put into the ring.

Mike Lange, long-time enthusiastic play-by-play commentator for the Pittsburgh Penguins, creator of some of the greatest goal calls in NHL history, and world famous for his colorful celebrations of victory. Much maligned and permanently (some would say unjustly so) relegated to the radio side of Penguins broadcasting, but still considered “the voice of Penguins Hockey”, no disrespect to John Barbaro.

Myron Cope, the man, the myth, the legend. Creator of the Terrible Towel. The man who made “Yoi” into a permanent piece of Pittsburgh vocabulary. The Yinzer to which all Yinzers pay tribute. Quite possibly one of the greatest sportswriters ever known.

Both of these men, in their prime, inside the squared circle. This isn’t about popularity. As always at the FotW, this is about sheer brutality. So, yinz guys…

Who would win in a fight? Mike Lange or Myron Cope?
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