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Fight of the Week: Link vs. Mega Man

Welcome one and all to the Fight of the Week!

A weekly feature, every Wednesday @ 10am, which pits pop-culture icons against each other in the most brutal arena known to man - Fandom. Your votes decide the outcome! Remember always that this is not a popularity contest, this is a true fight, and your opinions should be based as such - it's not about who you like more it's about who will kick who's ass. We'll give you the lowdown, you let us know what you think. Enjoy and let's get it on!!!

This week, we take a look at two of the most well-noted and well-equipped classic video game characters of all-time. You may have to break out your old NES (or at least an emulator) to properly judge this fight. I think this will be a much better representation of Magic vs. Technology than the Vader vs. Voldie match, mainly because the Force isn’t involved here, just gadgets. Lots and lots of gadgets.
The Skinny
In the year 20XX, a little blue android is sprinting through the lair of his creator’s arch-nemesis. Dr. Wily has gone too far this time and it’s taken every trick in Mega Man’s arsenal to get to this point. He downs the last few enemies with his buster-cannon and slides through a narrow gap to reach the elevating door marked with Wily’s logo. He makes it through just as another wave of enemies is approaching. Here, in the small empty hallway, his humanoid programming tells him to stop and catch his breath.
He steels himself for what is next, as behind the identical door at the other end of the hallway, he knows one of Wily’s giant robotic monsters waits for him. He knows that this one will be tougher than the rest of the enemies he’s just plowed through, but that it will surely be weak against one of the many weapons he’s acquired along the way. He checks his energy gauges and sees that they are all full. He approaches the door and opens it to reveal the boss on the other side.
Meanwhile, deep within Death Mountain in the Kingdom of Hyrule, a young man has just slain the last of a large group of orange and blue armored soldiers. He sighs with relief as the Master Sword glistens in the light of his magical lamp. He sits down, putting his back to the base of a statue to rest for a moment.
He has fought long and hard and solved many puzzles to get to this point. He knows that the evil Ganon is holding Princess Zelda hostage somewhere around here. While he has a moment, he double-checks his inventory and sees that everything he has collected through the many dungeons he has traversed is still with him. Smiling when he realizes that his quiver is full of silver arrows and his bomb pouch is full; he picks through the other assorted magical items and makes sure that those faeries he caught earlier are still in their bottles.
He slumps back against the statue and closes his eyes, wondering what comes next.
The statue slides to the side as he shifts his weight and he hears a click as well as a strange musical tone. A door suddenly appears in the wall. He stands up, readies the Master Sword and Shield, and approaches the door cautiously. As he opens the door, he seems to be almost pulled through and is dropped, seemingly from nowhere, into a strange metallic chamber.
Things here are much brighter and more colorful than the rest of the dungeon. Also, this place is full of large, strange machines which seem to be rather content just idling in the background.
A metal door at the other end of the room opens. It seems to be the only way out. Thinking that this is some sort of trap laid down by Ganon, Link takes his battle stance, sword and shield in hand, ready to draw whatever weapons are necessary to do the job from his large arsenal.
The metal door opens revealing a strange little blue-armored man.
Link steadies himself, thinking that this strangely clad knight is just another obstacle within this dungeon.
Mega Man braces his buster cannon, thinking he’s looking at the latest Robot Master that he needs to polish off on the way to Wily’s main chamber.
Let the battle of the gadget-wielding game stars begin.
[Note: For the purposes of debate, both fighters have all items available to them. ALL ITEMS. Wrap your mind around that shit, son.]

Who would win in a fight? Mega Man or Link?
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Fight of the Week is written by Justin Bidula

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