Monday, October 3, 2011

Quotes On The Bus Week 4 -

Quotes On The Bus Week 4

Every Saturday this spot is dedicated to things overheard on one of the Port Authority buses of Allegheny County.  Thanks to the AWESOME Michael Nac, creator of QUOTES ON THE BUS for his posts each week!     “My cats lick my toes until I kick’em in the face and tell’em Get the Hell away.” [...]
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"Everybody Must Get StonePeppered" OR Yelled At By The Manager "Evad"

  To be clear, we are not hear to be food critics or make scud-like attacks on Pittsburgh things or people.  On the other hand, when people really do act like… well, YOU KNOW, then, we have to let folks know because we LOVE Pittsburgh and we hate when people make the rest of us [...]

'No anyone who’s a Jagoff?  Email us and maybe we’ll post it.
There are a LOT OF GREAT THINGS ABOUT PITTSBURGH, but there are still Jagoffs out there trying to make the rest of us look bad.'

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