Monday, August 8, 2011

FOUR JAGOFFS @ the Pittsburgh Improv: AUG. 11th - ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Thursday, August 11th - 8PM - @ PGH Improv

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“ Four Jaggoff’s"  feature’s  four hard-working  jaggoff comedian’s Billy Robinson, Matt Wohlfarth, and Chuck Mignanelli with 80 years experience between them in the comedy business. They reveal their stories of growing up and living in and around the city of Pittsburgh. The humor is carefully written to appeal to those who live or lived in the city of Pittsburgh, as well as those that know someone who lives in Pittsburgh and those who have visited the Burgh and of course those that just want a great evening of laughs.
Over the course of the performance,   each Jaggoff will expose their  hilariously wild reflections  of living a Pittsburgh lifestyle.  In the end, patrons will have learned something poignant about human behavior in the Burgh, but most importantly, they  will  have  enjoyed  a very  entertaining  and funny evening of live comedy.
 The comedians on stage have all lived in and around the city.  They describe their journey with great wit and humanity, yet the material leaves no one unscathed.  Ultimately, the goal of the show is to entertain and poke fun at ourselves in the hope we send a simple and subtle message. This is Pittsburgh and we love it !  It is a non-toxic, laugh-filled evening for Yinzers and those who know and love us.  It could just be the funniest show about real life you’ll ever see. An at!

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Pittsburgh Improv
166 East Bridge Street Homestead, PA 15120

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