Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disclosure Policy Disclosure Policy:
It's important for the editors & writers at for readers to fully understand why we do what we do, how it's done and what to expect from us.
  • and the editors try hard to control what we put on our site so that it's has the highest value of supporting 'Pittsburgh comedy' and our reader's interests.
  •, the editors and the writers reserve the right for their opinion to be just that - whether in an article or the promotion of a product or service.
  • and the editors reserve the right to accept or deny any or all submissions and edit those submissions and are subject to appear according to the value of entertainment and readership; i.e. events, articles, videos, performers, comedians, etc.
  • will always 'give credit where credit is due' to any and all authors/creators of content
  • would like to state ALL Authors/creators of content maintain full rights to their content once published on and will be removed with a written request from the author/creator.
  • has elements that include for-profit ads & sales affiliates; i.e. Laughstub. Amazon & Ticket Network. We work hard to give you good content and it's nice to be rewarded for that - wouldn't you say?
  • reserves the right to have content that promotes products or services., it's editors and it's writers would like to THANK ALL OF OUR READERS for being entertained and informed by

Why a disclosure policy? 
The Federal Trade Commission has laid out guidelines & policies for bloggers.
Best put by
"What this ultimately means is that if you’re making any money through your blog, in the many various ways that a blogger makes money, you will want to protect yourself and create something called a “Disclosure Policy” and make it publicly accessible via a link on your homepage (footer, header, or wherever) or another highly trafficked page".

Check out to learn how to create your own Disclosure Policy

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