Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny podcasts from Pittsburghers - Check it out!

Pittsburgh Comedy is proud to have some AWESOME humorous podcasts to share with you! Check back for new podcats HERE or subscribe from their sites.

Having reached their mid-30's, Jamie & Keith decided that it's high time they start checking items off of their very long to do lists and urge others to do the same. Every week, they interview smart people with smart ideas, find out what makes them tick, and berate them into taking action. They also discuss brewing, stand-up comedy, their own to do lists, and why they're jealous of people who are more successful than they are.

Haters for Hire is a weekly podcast hosted by Derek Minto (Comic, formerly of Loud assholes podcast). Each week Derek and a co-host wade through the world’s quagmire of bullshitery, sheer ineptitude, and full blow insanity to deliver a pretty awesome podcast. A new guest is featured each week as well as whatever else Derek feels like doing. The site also features a very fancy blog that only takes moments to prepare (we know you like your blogs hot!) but a lifetime to enjoy.

SpitChokenPuke with SCOTT PAULSEN
He's been a staple of Pittsburgh radio for over 20 years; WDVE, ESPN & more.
"I walk through most days in a standing eight count. But suddenly, without warning, in the midst of a seemingly comatose moment, I will burst into laughter. I try to capture the things that make me laugh out loud in those moments, while standing near my grocer’s freezer, and record some facsimile of them. That’s what you hear in these podcasts. I hope you like them and they make you laugh. Rest assured, however, that on my best day behind a microphone I still can’t come close to reproducing what is in my head. Enjoy!"

Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee with RON PLACONE
Ron Placone is a stand-up comedian and writer. He has opened for some of the top comedians in the country, he has appeared on CNN and he tours the US regularly as well as parts of Canada.
Click here for episode list.

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