Friday, January 21, 2011

Louis C.K. is a fairly busy guy. Over the past year or so, this
consistently funny observationalist has been starring and directing
his own FX sitcom, Louie, checking in for an extended stay in the
second season of Parks and Recreation, and touring with a whole new
set of material. It's a good time to be a fan.

His latest stand-up tour has culminated in Hilarious, an 84-minute
concert film directed and edited by Louis. The film's title is no

Hilarious, like C.K.'s sitcom, abides by a raw, stripped-down
presentation. The comedian, wearing his black shirt and jeans, marches
around the dark stage, playing to a loving (often shocked) audience.
You hardly see the crowd, and C.K. isn't concerned with showing
guffaw-shots of happy couples. Nor is he overly worried about showing
the grand stage on which he's standing. It's not a very pretty film,
nor is it especially well shot or edited. It's basic and it works.

I get the sense that C.K. is proud of his minimalist aesthetic. The
film is all about his words, stage presence, and punctuating facial
expressions. He's not one of those comedians who is constantly running
around, or even pacing, to keep the audience involved; he's a gruff,
curmugeony guy with a deceptively positive message: we should be
happier. His set is broken up into three major topics: love, modern
life, and parenting. As a divorced 40-something, C.K. is adrift in a
world of bachelorhood. He's a guy who is still amazed by technology,
and confused about why we hate the greatness we have. He's a dad who
clearly loves his children, even as he struggles to raise them.


---Mike Rubino is a Pittsburgh-area writer, improviser, and actor who
performs with the Cellar Dwellers comedy troupe.

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