Saturday, October 30, 2010

H-WEEN Video - Night of the Living Dead Behind the Scenes by HUSTLEBOT

Hustlebot is a comedy group from Pittsburgh. Their film, ROLL THE DICE, is premiering at the Three Rivers Film Fest,  Saturday, Nov 6th, 6PM Melwood Screening Room 477 Melwood Ave, Pgh Pa 15210
Check their WEBSITE for more details & videos!

Yesterday we posted a great video by HUSTLEBOT
Here's another! This is one of my favs.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Hustlebot is a comedy group from Pittsburgh. Their film, ROLL THE DICE, is premiering at the Three Rivers Film Fest,  Saturday, Nov 6th, 6PM Melwood Screening Room 477 Melwood Ave, Pgh Pa 15210
Check their WEBSITE for more details.
BUT here is a special treat for the spooky weekend by Hustlebot:

Check back tomorrow for another great spook-tacular video by HustleBot!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New OPEN MIC on Mondays with Aaron Kleiber!

Open Mic Comedy on Mondays with Aaron Kleiber will now be at 
Duke's Upper Deck Cafe in Homestead!
$5 Pitchers of beer AND 30 cent wings!!!

122 W 8th Ave, Homestead, PA (412) 461-8124
Right off of Homestead Grays Bridge - cross the bridge from Squirrel Hill & turn right, parking is on left behind patio, take left on Hays St to get to parking.

After comedy there will be acoustic jams from Mikey D. playing until Midnight - you can even request songs or sing along - he's that good.

For more details contact

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THE TYPEWRITER GIRLS, Modern Formations, THIS Saturday

A Poetry Cabaret that Explores the Marriage of Art and Education

What: A Poetry Cabaret featuring a letter writing station where audience members can express
their concern about the dwindling quality of public education and lack of arts integration to
elected officials, educationally-themed Dadaist drinking and writing games, readings from
poets who also serve the role of educators, magic, dance, live music, performances and
private “lessons” from the famed Poetry Brothel from New York City, and the TypewriterGirls'
sketch comedy to tie it all together.

Who: The Typewriter Girls Poetry Cabaret (Crystal Hoffman and Margaret Bashaar) w/
dance by Staycee Pearl Dance Company; live music by Amoeba Knievel; magic from Mark
Swindler; poetry from Lynn Emanuel, Andrew Mulvania, and Skot Jones, and performances
and private readings from The Poetry Brothel NYC.

When: Saturday, October 23 Doors Open at 7 PM/Show at 8 PM

Where: Modern Formations, 4919 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Cost: $7.00 cover/$5.00 cover with a personalized letter to elected official expressing concern
over the budget cuts to education and arts programs in particular.

The TypewriterGirls have long considered themselves to be unique and
enthusiastic purveyors of knowledge to the public in general and budding Dadaists in particular;
however, on Saturday October 23rd, they begin to take their roles as alternative educators
perhaps a little too seriously.

Can one of their shenanigan-filled, Dada-bred poetry cabarets become an actual institution of
learning? Come find out if the girls can successfully integrate poetry, comedy, dance, magic,
literary drinking games, art, music, and chaos into a coherent lesson plan at TypewriterGirls
Portrait of the Dadaist as a Public School Official: Doors will open at 7 PM, with the performance
starting around 8 PM; $7.00 cover/$5.00 cover with a personalized letter to an elected official
expressing concern over the budget cuts to education and arts programs in particular.

Will the DEA shut down their classes on consciousness-expanding? Will Christian moral watch-
dogs prevent education on the “dark arts” of magic and manipulation of one’s reality? Exactly
how many governmental and social institutions will attempt to close their doors before evenings

Fortunately, they’ve assembled a crack team of artists with similar interests in spreading
enlightenment to the masses: The Staycee Pearl Dance Company will be serving as gym
instructors for those of us who found dodge ball and push-ups to be cruel sadistic rituals;
comedy rockers, Amoeba Knievel, will be there to make music class impossible to snooze
through; Mark Swindler will be adding an all-too necessary course to any sensible curriculum,
Magic and the Mysteries of Reality Manipulation. However, as one would expect the true core of
their institution is poetry and the evening will not fail with readings from Lynn Emanuel, Andrew
Mulvania, and Skot Jones.

However, if all else fails, the girls have brought in The Poetry Brothel NYC and audience
members will have ample opportunities to seek education in a dark corner of Modern
Formations with any of their members privately.

Check out their website at

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pittsburgh comedian and YouTube Hip-Hop Spoof man, TERRY JONES, has another one - Bill Cosby singing "Jello Pudding!"

More videos from Terry on YOUTUBE!


Check out the WIZ KHALIFA Website!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival COMING TO PITTSBURGH!

The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival is coming to Pittsburgh!
The FIRST ROUND will be held at the IMPROV (Waterfront) on Wednesday, November 17th (November 16th-17th in 25 Cities).
The rest of the competition will take place in ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 6-10th, 2011. You only have until OCTOBER 15th to register! Advancing comedians will be announced on or before November 1st.

Visit for info & registration! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Types of Laughs by JEFF KONKLE

When you’re a comedian, you get to try a sample platter of laughs on any given night.  Each comedian has his or her favorites, because each laugh from an audience member can give something away as to what they find funny about a particular joke or bit.  Its weird to think about but laughing and crying are the only two involuntary outward physical responses to mental stimulus, words interpreted by your brain processed into a jiggling of the body in a certain way.  That shows how powerful they are.  Here we go:

The Single Shot- Just one “Ha,” unaccompanied by any other laughter.  Signifies slight cleverness but not hilarity.  Usually elicited by “punchline-y” type jokes.  
The Nose Whistle- Usually at the beginning of a laugh rollercoaster.  These are warm up laughs.  It sound is like someone is giving a short nose blow.  These laughs are usually present at a good set-up to a joke.
Guffaw- HA HA HA!  Found at the horizon of a great bit punchline.  This is the belly laugh.  Typically guffaws are brought on by a bit more raunchy humor, poop, sex jokes, etc.  
Tee-Hee- A giddy laugh.  Hard to get out of a crowd as a whole.  Usually the Tee-Hee is organically created by the laugher more in anticipation of something rather than an external event.
Snort- There are two subsets of snorters.  Type 1 snorter: those who snort when they laugh all the time, which some people can find annoying.  Type 2 snorter: Prolonged laugh snorter.  The snort is only brought on after a good hearty laugh, and is an attempt by the laugher to breathe.  It is always very rewarding to get a type two snorter to laugh.. 
Oh!-  Brought on by a cringe joke.  Most “alternative” comedians rely heavily on this type of laugh. 

Read the rest at JEFF KONKLE"S WEBSITE!

Jeff Konkle is a stand-up comedian who can currently be seen featuring at the Improv Waterfront, he has opened for national headliners like - Aries Spears (Mad TV), Bill Burr (HBO, Comedy Central Presents), Josh Blue, Kevin Brennan, Juston McKinney and Pauley Shore.