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iPad VS iPhone (Mac VS PC Parody)

This is from from some comedians & filmmakers from Pittsburgh!

Directed by Dustin Dowling from Immaturity Crew Productions AND featuring Aaron Kleiber & Danny Palumbo.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going Down on Pittsburgh - HustleBot

HustleBot is a sketch/improv comedy group - HustleBot - check out their WEBSITE.
You can see most of them EVERY THURSDAY at the PGH IMPROV JAM - Improv comics from all over the 'Burgh take the stage every Thursday night, performing unscripted scenes in this fast & frenetic improv jam, click link for details.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter to Ben Roethlisberger - BILL CRAWFORD

Here's a tip, when giving your SECOND public statement surrounding a sexual assault case against you, try not to look like a rapist. I know its difficult for you and that you have come a long way from the Phat Farm dress shirts and Penny Hardaway high-tops look you had going when you first entered the league (I am willing to believe that the devil tee-shirt was borrowed), but couldn't you have at least shaved? Put on a three-piece suit? Not had a ridiculously greased back Rick Flair mullet? I was so nervous you were going to end your apology by screaming "WOOOOOOO!" that I almost didn't notice your total lack of sincerity. I've seen more heart felt apologies on Sober House II. Next time you allegedly assault a chick in a bathroom somewhere, you might as well let Dog the Bounty Hunter make your statement for you. The way your look is going, people may not even realize that a swap has been made. Just have him read it in the first person and tell him to think about dropping n-bombs to get him emotional. All Bounty Hunting aside, I think we both know that there is only one way to make sure there isn't a next time Ben: STOP ACTING LIKE A JAGOFF!

Seriously dude, you have a 100 million dollar potential net worth, you are the face of the most storied franchise in football, and you live in a city where people literally rely on the Steelers for hope and happiness in their lives. No one is saying you can't have fun, but do you really need to be in a dirt bag college bar in some po-dunk town in Georgia getting blowies in a urine-puddled restroom? Your judgment is extremely questionable at best, and its time to take a look in that fogged up bathroom mirror that has confederate flag stickers and nazi quotes written all over it. You may not be guilty of rape, but you have to be responsible for the situations you put yourself in. You need to realize that your legacy and our collective future cannot afford to be put in some jager-bombed 20 year old's hands. So please STOP ACTING LIKE A JAGOFF!

Read the rest of the letter HERE at TALENT NETWORK news!

Check out more about Billy Crawford HERE!

Billy Crawford is a comedian from PIttsburgh who can be seen all over the region & can be heard on WDVE Morning Show.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comics on Comedy - TERRY JONES

My Appreciation and the explanation of the "Quitting" Twitter Comment

Hello folks, I used to be a blogging machine but not so much these days lol. Well I posted a Twitter Comment that had people raging and worried, and I would like to clarify it. The statement said "A certain headliner, told me lots would come rushing, then slow down my 5th year. And I'd be depressed and wanna give up, he was right."

Ok, what I meant by this is that I worked with one of the best working comedians today. His name is Jo'Koy, about 2 to 3 years ago I had worked with him here in Pittsburgh. It was his first time here and his first headlining tour, he was amazing. Not only was he one of the best performers and comics I ever seen in my life, but he is the reason I perform how I perform today.

He taught me tons of tips and tricks, encouraged me, and made feel like I was actually talented. His Feature Chris Delia was amazing as well, but it blew my mind working with a headliner that was so humble. We went out to eat; we hung all weekend, talked and had a blast! He was also the headliner who let me know, a real headliner doesn't make comics cut jokes. He said "I have a Arnold Impression, so do you, who cares who doesn't have the same jokes? It happens"

He explained, you're a MC with 10 minutes why would I make you cut something out when I have more time than you? He had told me right when I got off stage and came back to the green room, "Good Job man, you're gonna be real good one day." I replied thanks, He then explained to me his comedy struggle, and spoke to me of Katt Williams and how he loved that he was blowing up.(Remember this was 2 to 3 years ago)

He spoke of how he had been doing comedy for more than 10 years, he started off in Vegas. During this time he told me how he was working in a shoe store, struggling getting shows. He explained the comedy process and how he was on Comicview, a few other comedy shows, the Apollo, and on tour. He also toured the country with Carlos Mencia and Mencia had a huge tour bus. He was one of the realest people I have ever worked with to this day.

He told me he wanted to one day have a bus like that, and he was happy to finally be touring and get his first Comedy Central Presents. He then told me "I can predict your whole career for you, and tell you how the journey will go." I reply "really, what is it?"

You can read the rest of Terry's blog HERE.

Terry Jones is a stand-up comic from Pittsburgh who has performed with the likes of Jo Koy, John Witherspoon, & Christian Finnegan.

Check out some of his hit YouTube videos!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jesus' Worst Fans - Ron Placone

At times I wonder if Jesus Christ feels a little bit how I imagine Johnny Depp must feel. Do the two of them at times, maybe right before bed, sigh to themselves and exclaim: “Damn…over half of my fan-base completely misses the point?”

That’s what I imagine. I can’t imagine a beat-enthusiast out of Kentucky who wanted to pursue music and toured with Hunter Thompson under a guise relates to the 20-and-under crowd that house the Jack Sparrow poster next to the Jonas Brothers.
Likewise, I can’t imagine that Jesus…well, no explanation needed there.

To narrow it down to five is anything but an easy task…I’m sure I’m missing a few gems to say the very least. Nonetheless, out of those that have successfully sought out the public eye and pummel in their dribble on a regular basis, here is what I deem to be, based on my individual level of blood curdling, Jesus’ five worst fans.

5. Ann Coulter. Granted, Palin’s already stealing whatever thunder she has left. Palin’s got a family in the spotlight, is reasonably attractive, and her adam’s apple doesn’t have its own zipcode, old Ann just can’t compete. Though, her philosophy to ‘perfect’ the Jews, the John Edwards slandering and the fact that the whole Playboy thing was a hoax (the general populace doesn’t deserve to be frightened so) earns her a much coveted spot in the top 5.

4. Bill O’Reilly. Only in America can the angry bordering-on-hate-speech ramblings of a sociopath barely fit for a five star dive bar receive national broadcasting on the nation’s largest media mogul. Bill’s watering down of every issue, spoon-feeding information to his ideal audience (people that don’t think or ask questions), his obnoxious and narrowed nationalism, and of course the baiting and bias labeling of his guests, especially those without religious convictions (Richard Dawkins interview anyone?) gives him #4 with a bullet.

Check out the rest of the list at RON

Ron is a comedian & writer that has returned from Pittsburgh after blowing-up comedy in Seattle, WA.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My First Time at The Funny Bone - Jeff Konkle

The Funny Bone comedy club in Station Square was a fixture of the Pittsburgh comedy scene for nearly three decades. I say that in the past tense now though, because as of Monday the Funny Bone is no longer with us. The owners announced that the club will instead scale back and move into the Radisson Hotel in the suburb of Greentree. This is a very normal move for a comedy club. Many of them nowadays simply cannot face the harsh environment on their own, so they seek shelter in established real estate that already has captive audiences readily available. There is no shame in this. It's a smart business move and that's what it's all about. Like it or not comedy would not exist if it didn't make money for the people producing and performing it. Neither would any form of entertainment; art, television, sports, literature, porn, etc.

I will miss the beleaguered club though, in a strange way. To be honest, my fond memories of that place are very few and extremely far between. However, it was the home of my very first time ever doing stand-up comedy. And you always remember your first time.

It was June of 2006. I had graduated from Penn State just a month prior and was already working at my day job. I was also a boomerang child, living at home with my parents, so I felt the extra need to get out of the house. For the last few months of school, I had seriously thought about doing stand-up. I had begun writing down little funny ideas here and there in my junior year of college. It was only then, almost 4 years ago, that I started trying to piece them together to form cohesive bits of comedy. I had read several books on getting started in the world of comedy, so I knew, at least academically, some of the basics: call the club a week beforehand to get booked, tip the wait-staff, and always get off when the red light in the back of the room flashes.

I called down to the Funny Bone and asked the lady at the other end of the phone if I could attend the open-mic next week.

"Sure," she said. "You know you need to bring at least ten people right?"

"Uh, yeah. I can do that," I replied.

"You know all of those people have to buy at least 2 drinks right?"

" But I'm sure that won't be a problem. I have very thirsty friends," I answered. Already I was seeing the strategic business sense of the comedy club shining through. "By the way, since it's my first time performing, how long of a set will I need to do?

"Oh, I don't know. I think like 20 minutes is the usual."

Gulp. 20 minutes? I didn't even think I had five minutes of material! As I hung up the phone, I thought to myself, Screw that! I was just going to go in with my fragile 5 and see where it got me.

I spent 40% of the next Wednesday pre-vomiting from over-anxiousness. I was going to do stand-up, something I'd talked about for months. I couldn’t believe it.

Read the rest at JEFF KONKLE"S WEBSITE!

Jeff Konkle is a stand-up comedian who can currently be seen featuring at the Improv Waterfront.

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