Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fake News: Pittsburgh Man Aware That Film Was Shot in Pittsburgh by TRAVIS WALLING

Trevor Ryan of Tarentum had a surprise for many of his customers during his shift at the local Sunoco station. He revealed to all who would listen, and some who wouldn’t, that the latest Russell Crowe movie “The Next Three Days” was filmed in Pittsburgh.

“Yeah, I like to let people know what films were made around here.” explained Mr. Ryan, “I also like to tell them which famous people are from around here, and which of our landmarks can be seen from space. It turns out none of them can be seen from there, but speaking of space did you know the guy who played Alan Shepard in ‘The Right Stuff’ was from Pittsburgh? By the way, do you want a receipt for that power-bar?”

Mr. Ryan’s comments did not go unnoticed by his grateful customers. “I had just come in for some bread and a Bingo lottery scratch-off ticket.” Said Jim Locke of New Kensington, “But the cashier, after explaining that the game of bingo originated in Pittsburgh, brought up the fact that ‘The Next Three Days’ was filmed not 10 miles or so from here. Apparently one day a grip came in on the way to the set to pick up a Coke. The cashier showed me the autographed photo he took with him; he’s smiling a huge smile while the grip just kind of looks confused.”

When asked if it meant anything that he now knew about the movie being filmed in Pittsburgh Mr. Locke replied, “I’m truly a better person today for knowing all of that information about that movie being made in my fair city. Hopefully it’ll become a long remembered classic like other movies filmed here. Like ‘Sudden Death’, ‘She’s Out of My League’ and ‘Roommates’.” 

-- TRAVIS WALLING is a comedian from Pittsburgh; check out more of his writings at his website.

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