Thursday, December 9, 2010

BUy the DVD? "Survival of the Dead" Review by MIKE RUBINO

George Romero, the father of the entire Zed-word sub-genre, presents the latest installation in his unofficial undead franchise, Survival of the Dead, zombies on an island with a Western motif populated by Irishmen. That's pretty original, right?

Somewhere off the coast of Delaware resides an island split in twain by two clans of warring Irishman, The Flynns and The Muldoons. The hatred between Patrick O'Flynn (Kenneth Welsh, The Aviator) and Seamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick, The Boondock Saints) runs so deep that not even the zombie apocalypse can stunt the growth of an old fashioned Irish disagreement. In this case, it's what to do with the undead: kill 'em or cure 'em?

Enter Sarge (Alan Van Sprang, Diary of the Dead) and his rag-tag gang of soldiers. After seeing O'Flynn's YouTube tourist video advertising their Celtic-zombie getaway, Crocket and Co. take refuge on the island. They quickly find out that the residents there have bigger problems than a couple of lousy brain-eaters.

George Romero's latest revivalist entry in his undead series had the dubious duty of making up for Diary of the Dead. That jargon-filled Cloverfield rip off was like 90 minutes of listening to someone's grandfather explain how the Internet works. Survival of the Dead, a more traditionally filmed horror movie, at least spares us the techno-babble. It instead just feels like 90 minutes of someone's grandfather arguing with his stubborn friend at the VFW.

The problems with Survival almost outnumber the amount of undead in the film...

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