Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival NEXT WEDNESDAY, Nov. 17th!

The FIRST ROUND will be held at the IMPROV (Waterfront) on Wednesday, November 17th (November 16th-17th in 25 Cities).
The rest of the competition will take place in ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 6-10th, 2011. Make sure you go & support local comics so they will represent in Atlanta!

You can go check out
some of Pittsburgh's TOP COMICS for $1!
(use promo code: pick a comic's last name & add 'VIP' - ex: KleiberVIP )

Pittsburgh Comic Line-up:

John Herr
Tim Miller
Ted Pettingell
Niraj Shah
Chelsea White
Ed Knizhnik
David Kaye
Leo Goodman
Aaron Kleiber
Matt Wohlfarth

More about the festival:
Now in the second year, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival seeks to honor and reward the artists that most personify The Art of Comedy.

The brainchild of Marshall Chiles and Steve Hofstetter, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival features a 25-city, two-day first round, followed by a five-day event in Atlanta. Comedy industry from all over the US and Canada will participate to help find, expose, and give work to some of today's top emerging comedians. 
Winners receive cash, prizes, and months of work from comedy clubs, agents, and partner festivals. The festival also has great events like our annual Poker Tournament, post parties, and our Civil War Kickball Game. 
A portion of all proceeds go to the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation to help build a drug recovery facility called Lenny's House: a place to get healthy mentally, physically and emotionally while learning life skills to be better prepared for reentry into a sober world. With this partnership, we brought in Kitty Bruce, Lenny's daughter, to announce the winners of each show. You can see the official Lenny Bruce website at If you would like to donate to Lenny's House, we encourage it. 

Official Laughing Skull Website HERE

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