Monday, November 22, 2010

Dutch Comedian, Gerrit De Bremme, visits and makes a documentary.

All the way from Belgium, Dutch comedian, Gerrit De Bremme came thru Pittsburgh this summer during his second US tour - and he filmed it all.

Gerrit has been  seen on the Belgian version of Last Comic Standing, featured in a TV show as a sarcastic news critic, organized one of the first monthly comedy shows in Leuven, Belgium putting the city on the comedy map and did his first US tour in 2009. 

Gerrit's comedy documentary, "DISCOMFORT: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone," includes clips of his travels, performances & interviews with comedians - including Pittsburgh comedians; Ron Placone, John Pridmore, Mike Wysocki, Danny Palumbo & Aaron Kleiber.

One of the MUST SEE parts of the film: Gerrit does stand-up comedy in the BACKYARD of a ghetto neighborhood Seattle. I could not make that up if I sat with a team of writers all night long.

Here is the trailer:

You can WATCH THE ENTIRE FILM at Gerrit's website
(be sure to click Britain's flag to get the English version):

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