Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chocolate Turkey by MIKE BUZZELLI

Never underestimate the power of the pen. Months ago, I mentioned, in a column titled "World's Largest Vegetarian," that I would love to talk my friends at Fudgie Wudgie into making me a chocolate turkey for Thanksgiving.
Well, Christopher and Christine Warman, the proprietors of the best chocolate factory this side of Willy Wonka, came through with an enormous chocolate turkey with trimmings!
The Warmans and their highly trained staff of Oompa Loompas created the confection perfection. It was the best turkey a vegetarian could eat. For the record, I shared the bird with friends and family. It was fun to say, “I’ll cut you a slice, would you like dark or milk?”

No actual turkey was harmed in the making of this chocolate replica.
The chocolate turkey is one pound of Belgian chocolate fudge covered in chocolate. It’s roughly the same size as a Cornish hen. The lettuce and carrots are made from fondant (a word liberally used on all those cake and cupcake shows on the Food Network). The potatoes are chocolate cheesecake fudge dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder, for that rough blemished potato look. Finally, the cranberries are white chocolate pearls dusted with cranberry glitter dust.
Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t you wish you sucked up to Fudgie Wudgie in an article you wrote?

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Mike Buzzelli has performed his standup routine at places on the Left Coast like The Comedy Store and The Ice House, before relocating to Western Pennsylvania. And he has plenty of writing experience, to boot.

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