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Charlie Muprhy Boo'd Off Stage! - Comments by TERRY JONES

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Ok TeamTerry so hopefully you watch this clip, so i don't have to explain the story, but for those that can't watch it. Charlie Murphy got booed off stage at Grambling State University, by over 500 People. He Walked off stage without finishing his performance, but before he did, he gave the money back, said F**k You to the audience and kept on going. Now A lot of people are saying and feel what he did was unprofessional, now from the audience, consumer, and fan view it looks that way, now for my view as a comic. First of all the clip that we see is only 3:00 minutes, meaning he had to have been on stage for a while before anything went down, second of all the person taping probably felt it was gonna get bad and started taping. Now think about something we only see the part when they show him "being disrespectful", but they don't show what the crowd may have done to him.

Now hear me out, I am not a fan of Charlie Murphy, his brother is one of my biggest comedy influences though. Charlie is a good story teller, not a Stand-Up Comic. Now Cosby is a story teller, but does it on a level none of us will ever understand to be on. Now I don't feel Charlie Murphy is a REAL stand up comedian, but he's still a stand-up comic none the less. So I don't find anything funny on this except for him being bad-ass enough to lash back out. Granted its not the crowds fault they didn't get the material, it's our job to make a connection, and if we can't, it's just another loss.

Now let me explain from my personal experiences, we do have boiling points as Comedians. Usually if i have hecklers I can deal with it, I usually deal with it by making hecklers look stupid. But sometimes its not hecklers, sometimes you have a bad set/bad day, and the crowd is just not feeling you. I remember I did a show in Ohio, and had to feature and for 30 minutes no one laughed, I still got paid, but I dealt with it. I have seen fellow comics get booed, and that's always ugly. I have also seen people meltdown completely, those are usually the inexperienced performers. Occasionally you'll have your comedy vets meltdown, which is scary as hell.

Remember when Michael Richards snapped and had a meltdown? Well he's not really a comedian he's a guy who got famous and then decided to do stand up, just like Charlie Murphy. And when pushed he lashed out, whether he said a racist remark or just yelled, he was the bad guy. Yet at the same time, no on looked at the fact these guys heckled him and pushed him to the limit.  Stand up is the hardest and purest form of art or entertainment around. You take something, and create it, and make it your own, and you share it to the world, and it's either hit or miss.This journey for me has been the most difficult, but understand the struggle teaches me too be strong and also teaches me how to handle situations like this. I have done shows where people don't speak english, college students were being rude, hecklers were racist, and even crowds didnt laugh at all.

It happens we have bad days, but sadly to audience members, you have a first impression to leave on people. On weekends when I'm booked as a opener, i have 6 shows at a comedy club. I can do that same set with give or take different things in it, and not all six shows will be the same, overall I'm gonna kill. But there are gonna be shows where I'm off and people will remember me as the dude who was just "ight." Charlie isnt the best by no means, but I will tell you this, im not a fan, but i still respect him. He's a fellow Stand-up, and imma have to also defend this.

Being we only see 3:00 minutes of the video, I don't know what all happened, but its obvious they wasn't feeling him. He is famous, so off his name alone I know he got cheers and people were excited to see him. But the crowd wasn't feeling him, some colleges make you perform pretty clean, maybe he wasn't dirty enough. Which is apparent from what he says via Twitter, so I feel his pain as a comic. You go on stage and its just YOU Vs. THE WORLD, and you gotta build to get Scott Pilgrim powers (Badum Ching boooooo tomato hits face). He knew he did bad, and felt hurt, so he gave back the 22,000 dollar check.

Did he handle it right? No it was wrong and unprofessional, but when these things happen to you as a comic, you can't help but fight back. It's funny when people corner a animal, and it attacks and hurts the people that cornered it. You ever notice the animal is considered the threat, and the people are victims? The true victim is the animal not the ones that cornered it, or invaded its territory, they were malicious. How do you point fingers at a mountain lion, for attacking a man on a mountain? Keyword in mountain lion is mountain dumbass, Charlie Murphy got paid and flown in to perform.

It didn't go well and the crowd lashed out, he could of walked away, kept the schools money but he didn't. He gave it back, and walked off, so what he said F**k you. Look if you don't like a show get up and walk out, Ive seen people do that before, but people rather be assholes. He was at work, people didn't feel him and we move on to the next show, i'm not gonna sit here and clown him, i laugh at him lashing back at the audience more than anything.Good for him, because people think they can destroy others and get away with it. We live in a world, like i said in my last paragraph, where people are quick to scream victim, but the real victim is the bad guy.

How can you bash us and our art form, and have the nerve to be offended when we snap back? Go mess with a rattle snake and see if you don't get bit, its not a smart thing, and you're not a victim. I remember once someone threw a donut at Bill burr at a corporate show, and when Philly booed him, like thousands of people. And he lashed out and it was considered disrespectful on his part. How bout this, how bout I come to your job, and talk about how terrible you are at it. I'll forget your human, I'll forget you might be having a bad day, I'll even forget you are servicing to help me out. Before your stupid insecure self wants to make others feel down because you cry yourself to sleep, think before you do stuff.

You're funnier than Charlie Murphy? Really? But you don't do stand up comedy? How about you try 10 comedy shows, 10, without anyone you know in the crowd, and perform. I bet that you will find out QUICK, how hard it is to be a stand up comic. And maybe only then will you learn through the Hell, pain, and struggle that this is the hardest form of entertainment or art on Earth. We go through Hell hoping with our thoughts and gift hoping you can get a piece of Heaven. Like I said it wasn't handled the best, but when the emotions of you being backed in a corner pop up you never know what someone or something will do to defend themselves.

They will crucify him and spread him getting booed as a joke, because people like train wrecks, because it makes them feel like they're winning, Well guess what you're still a loser. And if any of you don't like this post "F**K YOU" **Drops Mic** HAHAH Just kidding I need you people and your money (Boooooooo). I hope this insight gives you a better understanding, I refuse too see this man crucified, and Grambling State University be treated like Victims. 

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