Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bill Cosby, Pittsburgh Performance: Review by Terry Jones

Well as you know I recently released a video on my B-day called "Jello Puddin" I took on the form of one of the best ever. That's right I became Bill Cosby and paid homage to The King. I saw Cosby was coming to town, and got so excited!!!!! But I didn't didn't think I would be able to go, my b-day soon came up and my parents offered tickets as a gift. I didn't want to burden them with getting me tickets, I thought it was going to sell out. So I denied the offer, but I felt like my heart broke when I said no. A few years ago George Carlin came to Heinz Hall, another living Legend. And at the time I was starting to get steam and a buzz on my stand up, and had a few shows. I remember my parents offering tickets, but I said I'm booked so NEXT TIME.

So I went on with my shows and my life, thinking "George Carlin will live forever." And shortly after that, George Carlin died, my heart was devastated. Then with comics like, Greg Giraldo, and Robert Schimmel dying, I just kept wondering how much longer does Cosby have left? Too me the three Original Kings Of Comedy are Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Bill Cosby. I felt like I was gonna regret not seeing Bill Cosby this time, and I felt sad. So I wake up Saturday and my parents make me choose my seats for the show. They didn't want to miss this living piece of black history, who made it possible for me. And I got seats close as hell, if you never seen Heinz Hall it's a huge theater that holds Symphonies. It felt like this was Fate to go see Cosby, I asked 9 people to go with me, getting turned down one by one. And those people were busy so it's all good, but in my mind I'm like this is THE BILL COSBY.

Not Just any comedian, but the man who was Richard Pryor's hero and biggest comedic influence. For Gods sake they have the same voice pitch delivery ( jazz rhythm delivery), Dr. Cosby made it possible so black comedians like myself can even perform mainstream. When Bill Cosby became the biggest comedian in mainstream, they started to take the NEGRO from the front of Black Comedians names. No longer was it Negro Comedian Dick Gregory, it was just Dick Gregory. He single handedly mad people think that blacks could be funny without knowing what race the comic was. Now I hear folks say That Cosby did comedy for whites as a Black man, but this is not true. Pryor said what he wanted, Cosby told stories in his own way.
So with that being said, I turned into a little kid, as a young black comedian this is the biggest thing ever for me. I done worked with people I grew up sneaking to watch on TV, people i grew up wanting to be like, comedic influences. But this topped all of that, its not "Dr. Huxtable", it wasn't "Fat Albert and the Gang", it wasn't "Picture pages", it was the art of stand up that I couldn't wait to see. As I'm driving to the show I can't believe I'm going to see him, this is on my bucket list of life and comedy. I'm Driving and i feel like imma cry in excitement, and I park and head in by myself to see Bill Cosby.

I walk in and see how huge Heinz Hall is, and its amazing that all those seats are gonna fill up. I saw teenagers with parents, I saw young and old, Black and White, I saw everyone of many types. The Crowd size was tremendous, the fact that this man could draw so many people of all ages and color as a black man, was surreal. I sit down and can't wait to finally see the man, jazz music plays until the seats fill up, and it was one of the best comedy show atmospheres I've ever been in. It was odd being a audience member haha, but I went this is goal. The Lights dim down, announcements are made, and here comes THE LEGEND BILL COSBY!

And man, the whole theater filled up with cheers, so many people clapping, and cheering. I stood up too my feet and gave the man the applause that he deserved. Without him there would be no Terry Jones or TeamTerry, and he starts to perform. Now understand Bill Cosby doesn't use openers, so the tone that is set fro the show is BILL COSBY. This man did 3 hours of Material, 3 HOURS!!! I know Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook have the Records, yeah yeah, but understand for 3 Hours Bill Cosby used stories. It wasn't a ton of Improvised fillers, he did Improv some things, but for 3 hours he killed.

It was the greatest Live show I have ever seen, I was blessed to see the man himself. Not many Living legends that paved the way still alive. And I would advise if you ever get a chance to see a living legend live, do it, and don't think that there is a NEXT TIME, because there may not be. SALUTE to the Legend Bill Cosby, thank you Mr. Cosby for making this all possible. 

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