Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Types of Laughs by JEFF KONKLE

When you’re a comedian, you get to try a sample platter of laughs on any given night.  Each comedian has his or her favorites, because each laugh from an audience member can give something away as to what they find funny about a particular joke or bit.  Its weird to think about but laughing and crying are the only two involuntary outward physical responses to mental stimulus, words interpreted by your brain processed into a jiggling of the body in a certain way.  That shows how powerful they are.  Here we go:

The Single Shot- Just one “Ha,” unaccompanied by any other laughter.  Signifies slight cleverness but not hilarity.  Usually elicited by “punchline-y” type jokes.  
The Nose Whistle- Usually at the beginning of a laugh rollercoaster.  These are warm up laughs.  It sound is like someone is giving a short nose blow.  These laughs are usually present at a good set-up to a joke.
Guffaw- HA HA HA!  Found at the horizon of a great bit punchline.  This is the belly laugh.  Typically guffaws are brought on by a bit more raunchy humor, poop, sex jokes, etc.  
Tee-Hee- A giddy laugh.  Hard to get out of a crowd as a whole.  Usually the Tee-Hee is organically created by the laugher more in anticipation of something rather than an external event.
Snort- There are two subsets of snorters.  Type 1 snorter: those who snort when they laugh all the time, which some people can find annoying.  Type 2 snorter: Prolonged laugh snorter.  The snort is only brought on after a good hearty laugh, and is an attempt by the laugher to breathe.  It is always very rewarding to get a type two snorter to laugh.. 
Oh!-  Brought on by a cringe joke.  Most “alternative” comedians rely heavily on this type of laugh. 

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Jeff Konkle is a stand-up comedian who can currently be seen featuring at the Improv Waterfront, he has opened for national headliners like - Aries Spears (Mad TV), Bill Burr (HBO, Comedy Central Presents), Josh Blue, Kevin Brennan, Juston McKinney and Pauley Shore.

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