Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Friday Nite Improvs or FNI is Pittsburgh's only all-audience participation improv comedy show - IN IT'S 21st YEAR!! Kicking off last week!
Every Friday night starting at 11PM in the Studio Theater of the Cathedral of Learning on University of Pittsburgh's campus. 

From the FNI website:
At FNI we play a variety of "short-form" improvisational games; the catch is all the players are chosen directly from the audience. Understand, we do not want to do this - we are compelled. Here is what the voices tell us...
Unlike other improv shows, there is no core-group or troupe of "professional" improv comedians to amuse you. At FNI we not only get suggestions from the audience, we also go to that very same shallow end of the gene pool to find our performers. Each game has very simple rules which we describe and provide examples of - then we ask for volunteers from the audience to come up on stage and show us what they can do.

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