Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comics on Comedy - TERRY JONES

My Appreciation and the explanation of the "Quitting" Twitter Comment

Hello folks, I used to be a blogging machine but not so much these days lol. Well I posted a Twitter Comment that had people raging and worried, and I would like to clarify it. The statement said "A certain headliner, told me lots would come rushing, then slow down my 5th year. And I'd be depressed and wanna give up, he was right."

Ok, what I meant by this is that I worked with one of the best working comedians today. His name is Jo'Koy, about 2 to 3 years ago I had worked with him here in Pittsburgh. It was his first time here and his first headlining tour, he was amazing. Not only was he one of the best performers and comics I ever seen in my life, but he is the reason I perform how I perform today.

He taught me tons of tips and tricks, encouraged me, and made feel like I was actually talented. His Feature Chris Delia was amazing as well, but it blew my mind working with a headliner that was so humble. We went out to eat; we hung all weekend, talked and had a blast! He was also the headliner who let me know, a real headliner doesn't make comics cut jokes. He said "I have a Arnold Impression, so do you, who cares who doesn't have the same jokes? It happens"

He explained, you're a MC with 10 minutes why would I make you cut something out when I have more time than you? He had told me right when I got off stage and came back to the green room, "Good Job man, you're gonna be real good one day." I replied thanks, He then explained to me his comedy struggle, and spoke to me of Katt Williams and how he loved that he was blowing up.(Remember this was 2 to 3 years ago)

He spoke of how he had been doing comedy for more than 10 years, he started off in Vegas. During this time he told me how he was working in a shoe store, struggling getting shows. He explained the comedy process and how he was on Comicview, a few other comedy shows, the Apollo, and on tour. He also toured the country with Carlos Mencia and Mencia had a huge tour bus. He was one of the realest people I have ever worked with to this day.

He told me he wanted to one day have a bus like that, and he was happy to finally be touring and get his first Comedy Central Presents. He then told me "I can predict your whole career for you, and tell you how the journey will go." I reply "really, what is it?"

You can read the rest of Terry's blog HERE.

Terry Jones is a stand-up comic from Pittsburgh who has performed with the likes of Jo Koy, John Witherspoon, & Christian Finnegan.

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