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Just for Comics: Jerry Seinfeld on how to be funny without sex and swearing VIA The Guardian

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld: 'I think of myself more as a sportsman than as an artist.' Photograph: Christopher Lane for the Guardian
Once or twice a week, towards the end of the day, Jerry Seinfeld leaves the Manhattan office where he spends his afternoons writing, but he doesn't head home to his family. Instead, he shows up unannounced at some minor comedy club in New York or New Jersey, and inserts himself into that night's lineup. Seinfeld reportedly has a private jet, owns more than 40 vintage Porsches and makes at least $32m (£19.5m) a year, in large part from syndication revenue, adding to a net worth estimated at $800m (£487m) in 2010. Having spent a decade making a celebrated "show about nothing", he could easily afford to just do nothing now. But he prefers – or feels compelled – to keep honing his act, trying a new line here, shaving a word off an old one there, analysing the audience's laughter: a scientist of comedy, painstakingly calibrating his equipment. By the time you hear a Seinfeld "bit" at one of his £70-a-ticket O2 Arena gigs, or on a TV talkshow, it will have undergone months or years of testing, and there won't be a syllable wasted. As in: "Why does moisture ruin leather? Aren't cows outside a lot of the time?" Or: "A two-year-old is like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it." Or: "People are never really sure if they have milk."

Pittsburgh comedian J. RUSS set to release DVD via

J Russ started his stand-up comedy career in 2009 after his NFL dreams fell through.  Beginning in a smaller market with comedy shows at the University of Pittsburgh was no easy task, but now he has set his sight on bigger heights with the upcoming release of his new movie, Off the Chain.
On Thursday, April 3rd, J Russ hosted a special premiere of his comedy movie at AMC Loews in the Waterfront.  The 50-minute film included a stand up set from a previously recorded show at the August Wilson Center, sketches about J Russ’ childhood, and special excerpts from local socialites like Mike Dean and Lee Feets Davis.
“It’s good to see a young African-American male from the area try to expand himself outside of Pittsburgh.  A lot of time people get content and comfortable and they fail to realize that there is more to the world than just this city.  I think J Russ is actually doing a good job and taking the first steps toward that growth,” said Mike Dean, who attended the live taping at the August Wilson Center.
J Russ, who has opened up for Bruce Bruce, Lil’ Duval, DeRay Davis, Rickey Smiley, and even, Trey Songz, had a sold out show in the Homestead movie theatre.  Fans, family, and friends were bursting out of the seams to celebrate the comedian’s recent accomplishment.

BEERHIVE WEDNESDAY COMEDY NIGHT: Intermission Comedy during Penguins Playoffs!

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Just for Comics: Louis CK And Doug Stanhope Discuss Being A Healthy Comedian On A 2005 Message Board via

Post image for Louis CK And Doug Stanhope Discuss Being A Healthy Comedian On A 2005 Message Board

Louis CK And Doug Stanhope Discuss Being A Healthy Comedian On A 2005 Message Board

I did a little deep Google diving this morning and uncovered some interesting Louis CK-related stuff that was posted online about a decade ago and you’ve probably never seen before. Here’s some of the highlights…
Louis CK & Doug Stanhope Discuss The Merits Of Being A “Healthy” Comedian In 2005
One of the best things I found was this Alt Standup Comedy Google Group which featured conversations amongst a variety of comedians including such notable names as Louis CK and Doug Stanhope. One particular discussion thread that caught my eye was actually started by CK with the subject, “Are you a healthy comedian?” Here was his opening post:
“I know a lot of you out there have a diet that consists of Hardees and Taco Bell with the occasional frozen buffalo wings heated up in the condo microwave, and that your exercize regimen… doesn’t exist. Personally, one of the reasons I chose standup as a life is because it allowed me to lie on a floor for several hours eating lard and crying, only having to pull myself together for an hour a day or so. But if you want to have any longevity as a comedian, or if you want
 your brain and body to provide you with any consistent creative flow, 
you have to eat somewhat right and do some excercize of some kind.
I started running years ago and though I often fuck up and stop for a
long time, it keeps me alive.  Especially when I’m on the road, I like 
to run every day and explore the towns I’m working in. I try to eat
 shitloads of fruit too. Recently I started jumping rope which feels gay 
and wonderful at the same time.
Does anyone else work out/excercize/take care of themselves?  Or are
you all hoping to die a quick, american junkfood non-movement death?
just curious.
This led Stanhope to reply:
----->>> See the rest of this article at - an amazing resource for the forward thinking comedian.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE, STANDUP SHOWCASE with Aaron Kleiber at the Pittsburgh Improv: April 23rd, 2014

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Fork Full of Noodles-Ep. 38 Revolting Environments

This episode focuses on the ways the Earth is getting back at the Humans for abrupt climate changes.
Written by: Krish Mohan
Starring: Krish Mohan & Mike Buzzelli
Directed by: Krish Mohan & Woody Drennan
Music by: Max Somerville
Cinematography by: Mary Stewart & Alex Murphy (Follow at @AlexCMurphy)
Filmed at Catapult PGH

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